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High Praise

Testimonials from Users of Our Excel Templates, Charts, Add-Ins, and Training

Excel users who've purchased our Excel dashboard templates, training, and add-ins have been very enthusiastic. Here are a few of their comments.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

"Your Swipe Files have been an amazing help. Here are quotes from emails I received from my CFO (MIT undergrad; Harvard MBA; PhD), and from my boss:

"Your charts on pacing are really a master stroke. Some of the most illuminating we have produced at AMC on any subject. Exemplary. Thanks."

"My only comment is this is excellent!"

"Their notes are proof that your product has helped immensely!"

Rondi Stearns
Occupancy Director
Appalachian Mountain Club

"I use KydWeb all the time, by the way, particularly to help me understand whatís happening with the economy."

Adam Fernandez
Senior Accountant/Analyst
Lexington Home Brands

"We have been using IncSight QnE [now Kyd War Room] to track our Balanced Scorecard measures for about two years. It is such a great and affordable product for a nonprofit with no budget for strategic planning software."

Norm Frampton
Grants Coordinator
Senior Services of Snohomish County

"I love the product."

Jay Bryan

"Your e book is FANTASTIC!!! The techniques informed by you really break everything down to simple easy to understand steps, besides enhancing my knowledge of Excel (never heard of the camera tool before).

With just an initial reading (and cannibalizing from your dashboard!), I created a dummy dashboard in 2 days "

Manoj Kapashi
Cost Analyst
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

"I am quickly realizing the extent that I have been under-utilizing the powers of Excel.

"Thank you very much for offering such a powerful product."

Tyler G. White
Senior Financial Analyst
TAW Holdings, Inc.

"First, thank you so much for your Excel dashboard books, work files, and articles. Iíve been working with spreadsheets since Visicalc on an Apple IIe. Your resources have opened up a completely new level of usage that I had never thought of.

"Within the small commercial fishing company, located in Seattle just north of you, I plan to use six or seven standardized dashboards for financial and operational metric reporting. Your Excel dashboards have made this possible as a formalized BI platform is overkill and too expensive for the companyís needs.

"About a month ago, I used what I learned in your Dashboard Reporting with Excel to produce a one page printed report summarizing a potential business acquisition. Our companyís President, CEO and Board members were blown away by the format and summarized information.

"Thank you, Charley, and if I can ever take you out to lunch it would be my pleasure, "

Ron Barrett
Ocean Peace, Inc.

"We love your e-book and have deployed a good number of dashboard using it !!! Our Clients think we are gods..."

John Clark
Business Intelligence Director

"I love your plug-and-play dashboard!"

Brian Fletcher
Chief Financial Officer
TBAB Health Care Services

"Your product is heaven-sent! I have been given the task to create a usable dashboard for our HR dept. This will allow me to complete that task! Thanks. Nice job!!

"I feel so excited about this, Iím taking it home with me over the weekend. "

Tom Walsh
HRIS Analyst
Capital Health System

"I purchased your dashboard reports in April of this year and have used them with great success. The reports are easy to use and really turn heads and drop jaws in meetings."

Stuart Strepman
(an investment management firm)

"You're my hero. This is incredibly slick.

"I'm an independent consultant, and this should WOW a lot of clients. And you absolutely can quote me.

"A dashboard like this is an eye-catcher. It allows my reports to look incredibly slick, but without slow manual processing.†With your reports, the report can be run as fast as you can update the data.†

"They will reflect VERY favorably on my consultancy.

"This is a very cheerful endorsement."

Mark Johnson
Vector Group Services

"I have to say, wow! It might have taken me more than an hour, but certainly not much more and I have the report I am after.

"I am not an Excel expert, but do consider myself pretty comfortable, though I am seeing here there is still an evolutionary step to take!  

"It's a great product and thanks for doing all the heavy lifting!  "

Loren VandenBerghe
Nordstrom Inc.

"I learned more from your Excel dashboards ebook in 1 day than I learned in months at investment banking and management consulting."

Adam Altman

"We are using your dashboards to daily track three key productivity measures at team levels. This allows us to perform visual trending analysis very, very quickly and determine if or where we might need to refocus our attention.

"Typically, these measures would have been reviewed at month-end, so having this capability keeps us from potentially wasting 1/12th of a year before we identify potential unfavorable trends.

"Our Management Team loves these dashboards!"

Paul Faust
Business Process Consultant
Wells Fargo Financial

"Your charts have gotten a lot of positive feedback by our Executive Team at our company."

Greg Sutton

"I must say that together with you book, your Dashboards are fantastic.

"I spent a day getting familiar with their inner logic in order to make them work with our existing Excel report that used scorecs scattered across several worksheets.

"And I am very, very happy with the result. This is going to have a great impact on our internal reporting.

"You have one more very happy customer here... in Cambodia!"

Michel Dauguet
DFDL Mekong

"With the help of your e-book, I was able to design automated scorecards that weíve been using for 2 years now."

Marc Labrie
Senior Business Analyst
Mabe Canada

"I love your dashboards. You are a genius. I'm using your dashboards to help a major organization track its email marketing. They love them. And now they want me to turn everything into a dashboard!

"Thanks for making me look so good!"

Steve Altes
Spire Associates

"Thanks for an excellent product. Received rave reviews the very first time I used it!! They all believe I spent many hours/days to prepare my dashboard...but we both know better!!"

[name withheld, for obvious reasons]

"I bought your e-book, "Dashboard Reporting With Excel" last year Ė a fantastic purchase!"

Kevin Hodge
Key Account Mgr
General Mills

"Earlier this year I purchased your excellent Excel dashboard package.

"Thank you, kind sir!!!

"I have directed several of my co-workers to your excellent site, and they have all made positive comments!"

Ardith Ellis
Consumer Relations
Michelin North America

"Thanks for revolutionizing the way I process and present month-end data and results.

"Buying your e-book was the best thing I've done for myself in a long, long time.

"I've forced our CIO to purchase it as well."

VP, General Manager of a PR and advertising firm

"Your book is fantastic! Have learned more from that book than I have in 20 years of using spreadsheets."

Albert J Rossman
Senior Manager, Financial Integration
Abbott Laboratories

"What a great book!

"Now I can apply my newfound charting skills to quickly create dashboards on how my trust line of business is performing."

Darryl Meyers
Senior VP
Wells Fargo Private Client Services

"A godsend! I wish I had purchased your ebook a lot sooner."

Peter Cassinelli
SCA Systems Ltd.

"Thank You --
"Thank You --

"Youíve allowed me to WOW my boss by automating a lot of our invoice processing and all I had to do was cut and paste my info over yours in the data sheet.

"You saved me many hours of work and tons of frustration."

Kathy Grant
Project Administrator

"The dashboard software I purchased from you is awesome! Easy to use and the book is easy to follow, nice work."

Name and Company Withheld

"The book is a joy! Your writing is simple, elegant, and clear. So mahalo nui loa, as we say in Hawai`i Ė thank you for your very great effort."

Toddy Hagans
Data Specialist
Hamakua Health Ctr

"You made me look like a superstar with this. Nice work."

Bill Lalor
National Mgr of Technical Support
COSCO Container Lines Americas
"I purchased your book and it has been an awesome tool. I was made aware of your resources while I was earning my MBA. I'm so glad I saved that link because this material is helping me complete this high profile task."

Warren Walker
Copy & Print Services Midwest Manager
Duke Energy
"All I can say is fabulous! It's unbelievable what I have been missing for years.

"The Camera functionality alone makes the small cost of your book and files worth every penny and more.

"Excellent, many thanks."

John Rixon
Assoc Business Manager
Kraft Foods Inc
"Your book was of immense help to me. I produce dashboards on a regular basis in my life as a CFO and generally have reduced time in spreadsheet hell."

Shaun Spalding
(Moscow, Russia)

"I purchased the Dashbord Kit and I think itís brilliant. It offers clear and precise advice for practical purposes."

Sami Jšrvensivu
Business Controller
Flškt Woods Ltd.
" of the most useful tools in my Excel tool belt. I have built several  dashboards that had a positive impact on my career. Thank you!"

George Bryant
Acuren North Slope Project Manager
BP plc

"I bought the Plug N Play this morning and printed out my first scorecard this afternoon.

"The product works flawlessly! Thanks so much for developing this wonderful file.

"It makes my heart sing!"

Name and Company Withheld


"Thank you for putting together a fabulous tool. Wow! Wow!"

John Wright
Systems Analyst
One Washington Financial
"Thank god I found this great tool on the web. Definitely a must have!"

Ralph Pollandt
Financial Planning Manager
LAN Airlines (Peru)
"Fabulous. Simply fabulous.

"Having built large systems with Excel, including significant VBA code, I was already very familiar with most of the topics. But it's your implementation of all of it combined that is truly stellar."

Alexander Cavalaris
Fin'l Rptg Analyst
Earth Tech Canada
"The dashboard e-book is absolutely awesome!

"I didnít realize Excel could do what I wanted it do!

"Iíve started setting up our dashboards to update the look of our annual report."

Heidi L. Rockwood
Admin Assistant to the VP
University of Illinois

"All I can say is Wow! This is amazing! I have done dashboards before but never like these."

Jerry Kohl
Brighton Collections
"I think it's brilliant! It is unique in unleashing some real power from Excel without programming."

Martyn Healey
Managing Director
Strategic Leadership Consulting Pty Ltd
"I purchased your book this morning! Love it!"

Dallan Lax
Streamline Business Solutions, LLC
"Bought the book and the files. So far, wow-wee!"

Alex Ortolano
Marketing Product Manager
"Your book (or the results thereof) has made a big splash here at the office."

Allen Watts
Operations Mgr,
F2B Mobile Solutions
"An excellent book! Well worth the money.

"It has saved me vast amounts of time."

Robert Morely
Cardiology Audit Lead
The James Cook University Hospital

"I purchased your ebook and find it fascinating!"

Celeste Gannon
Travel Data Analyst
Nortel Global Travel Services
"I purchased your product and have found it immensely valuable."

Dr. Paul Eykamp
Academic Strategic Planning and Analysis,
Univ. of Calif, Office of the President
"Let me start off by thanking you for putting together this package - it has a plethora of useful tips and information!"

Daraius Dubash
Financial Analyst
Cummins Inc.
"I'm reading your book and I'm amazed because it's unique. I didn't think that in the ocean of Excel books around I can find something I never read before."

Leonid Koyfman
Senior Analitics DBA
AvenueA Razorfish
"I purchased your Dashboard Reporting With Excel last night and found it full of stimulating and practical ideas."

Peter Quirk
Principal Product Manager, Business Operations
EMC Software Grp.
"Your eBook is an awesome tool. I've been reading this every day and building some great dashboards from your examples. "

Roderick Goodman
Enterprise Technology Group
The First American Corp.
"Excellent product!

"I thought I was a pretty good driver of Excel but I am learning a huge amount.

"Please keep me up to date with new products. I will pass the word!"

David Border
Managing Director
"I recently acquired your Dashboard kit and find it loaded with useful tips. You have designed a very nice, very helpful tool."

Bob Gannon
Gannon Consulting, Inc.
"I love what you did with Excel. Please keep me informed if you come up with something new."

Dennis Eining
DRE Consulting
"Your book is excellent. It offers clear and precise advice for practical purposes. It is highly recommended."

Flemming Petersen
Business Controller
Geberit A/S
"The book is fabulous!"

Clarence Daniel
Knowledge Manager
Green Mountain Energy Co.
"Your book was excellent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights."

Nathan Schaan
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
"...the best 50 bucks I've ever spent. I am absolutely pleased. I would recommend it to anyone just for the charting tips! "

Chip Griswold
Consultant to a major New York newspaper
"I bought your book recently and I must say it's fun and a pleasure to read and to work with."

Viktoria Kryzhanyuk
Manager Analysis & Planning Consumer Lending
American Express Bank in Germany

"Your E-Book is amazing. I consider myself an Excel expert, but I have already picked up a few items I was not aware of and I have only read the first three chapters. I expect to purchase more of your e-books for my finance team. This book is better than any Excel class I have ever taken!"

Jeff Smith
Montefiore Home Health Program/Medical Group
"I love the product! The dashboards are great and the book is very helpful and well written."

Kelly L Martin
Senior Research Analyst
Ministry of Children and Family Development
"I find the book to be vastly better than I had anticipated and easily of higher caliber than a lot of the books on Excel that can be found at the local bookstore chains."

Alan Johnson
Market Development Mgr
Major Oil Company Affiliate
"The book has been great, & has given me a lot of ideas about how I could use dashboards to present a mix of financial and statistical data."

Mark Lees
Engineering Mgr
"Just wanted to let you know that between the book and the files we bought I have really ramped up my Excel skills and made some tricky reports a breeze!"

Denise L. Johnson
Finance Coordinator
Progressive Components
"I am just writing to tell you about how helpful your book has been...

"I am sending you the advance I have achieved so far. The report is incomplete because all the information for it is still being generated. But I wanted to share it with you...

"Your book is well written and very clear on every explanation."

Luis Iturriaga
Quality Systems Consultant
IngenierŪa, Calidad y Competitividad
"We'll need to train the different levels of management before we distribute our dashboards. Most of them hate this, of course, because with limited reports they were not held accountable for results. Now they will be, and their bonus will be tied to the results achieved and measured.

"You have no idea how much your publication "Dashboard Reporting with Excel" has helped me and my clients."

Leslie Jedrychowski

"I must say that together with your book, your Dashboards are fantastic.

"I spent a day getting familiar with their inner logic in order to make them work with our existing Excel report as source DB (Source Data being scattered across several sheets). And I am very, very happy with the result.

"This is going to have a great impact on our internal reporting. You have one more very happy customer Cambodia!"

Michel Dauguet
DFDL Mekong
"Thank you very much for the dashboard package. It is absolutely brilliant!

I have been an Excel business user for many years and have learnt more from your publication than from any of the courses that I have attended."

James Campbell
Client Services Director
Paretian Asset Management
"With your help and the information in your eBook, Iím creating a dashboard report the likes of which my company has never seen. Iím sure Iíll get lots of questions and this will give me a ton of visibility in the organization."

Scott Papay
Six Sigma Black Belt
Trane Residential
"I purchased your Dashboard this week and can say that it's the best ever!!!

"I'm so impressed with my purchase that I can't wait to start creating dashboards for all of my KPIs!

"I've attached a file of sales by key account so you can see how far I've progressed in just 48 hours...!!!"

Mike Murphy
Nat'l Specification Sales Manager
IG Lintels
"I wanted to let you know that the product has been extremely helpful in implementing a new dashboard tool for our department. I've been an Excel user for over 7 years and the info in your book has enlighten me many times over."

Chuong Ma
Product Analyst
Triad Financial

"Thanks for the opportunity to buy your book. I thought I knew a lot about charts. I program extensively in Excel, but your book shows how much I didn't know. I have seen tips in your book that I have never seen in countless manuals I have purchased over the years. "

Richard de Manincor
Entellitrix Consulting
"Great book! You clearly have been working with Excel for a long time."

Joe Little
Jet Reports
"Charley Kyd's e-book is an unbelievable value for the price I paid.

"I've seen bonehead, half-baked programs & reporting modules for which my Fortune 200 company has paid consultants and programmers hundreds of thousands of dollars. But they can't do half the great things that Charley's ideas deliver.

"They're fully customizable, fully adaptable to your business...the way you need your information.

"The key to great business decisions is the management and reporting of data. Charley provides the "great reporting" part.

"With fantastic and simple visuals to help the mind grasp the numeric trends, Charley's work turns my data into a gold mine.

"All the results without the $100K expense. Charley isn't just smart ...he's honest!"

Douglas Wesney
Pricing Manager
Fortune 200 Company

"Thought I'd send you a quick email to update you on my progress with dashboards.

"It must be well over 2 years since I bought your ebook & samples. At the time I was engineering manager for Vitafibres in the UK (I think one of my comments is still on your website somewhere!). I still think that dashboard reports are one of the neatest things I've ever done in Excel. Initially, I was using a dashboard to report energy usage for monthly management meetings. I followed on from that by using them to create PPM & TPM summary reports. In all these areas the use of dashboards saved me hours & hours of time every month.

"Since then, I've moved on from Vitafibres, but I'm still using dashboards! I still don't use them to present financial data (I'm an engineer, after all!), but I still keep finding other uses for them - currently I'm working on an Excel application to carry out some detailed energy saving analysis. This application has a lot of VBA code behind it, but I intend to use a dashboard for the summary section of the customer report. I think that the main thing that I've learned over the past couple of years is that you don't need to be a genius or an excel guru to create dashboards, but the applications are almost limitless.

"I think that for me, one of the things that brought home the real usefulness of dashboards was the first one I created. I presented my report at the monthly management meeting as usual, but this one included my dashboard report. No comment was made during the meeting, but afterwards the divisional director of the fibres division came up to me and said something along the lines of ' that report was excellent, it summarised all the energy usage in a clear & readable manner, and now I can get a real feel for our energy usage & expenditure.....but that report must have taken you hours to produce'........well ok it took me 4 days to create the template, but I didn't tell him that producing the report just took me just the time it takes to click 'print'!

"All I can say in closing is keep up the good work!"

Mark Lees
Control systems engineer 


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