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Get Excel help for all Excel worksheet functions. Get Excel help from Excel MVPs. And get answers to your Excel questions answered here.

Excel's QAT

How to Find and Use Excel’s Best Hidden Features

Excel includes many outstanding hidden features. For example, in Excel 2013 and above, you easily can keep Excel open even when all workbooks are closed. You can close all workbooks with one command. And a lot more.

Here's how to find and use Excel's best hidden features easily.

A Continuing Project

All Excel Worksheet Functions, with Links to Help Topics

Excel offers a total of 466 worksheet functions in versions 2003 through 2013. Here's a complete list, with links to at least one help topic for each of them.

More Help

Excel MVPs: Their Web Sites

If you're looking for help with Excel, a great place to start is with the web sites of current and former Microsoft Excel MVPs.

More Help

Excel MVPs: Their Books

Another great place for Excel help is with Excel books of current and former Microsoft Excel MVPs.

Excel Answers

Questions & Answers About Excel

Here are a few of the questions readers have asked about using Excel, and the answers I've provided.

Excel Shortcut Keys

Excel Shortcut Keys Offer Quick Access to Dialogs

Shortcut keys offer significant benefits to Excel users. Here are the shortcut keys that launch Excel dialogs.


Free Excel Dashboards

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