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Excel Shortcut Keys Offer Quick Access to Dialogs

Shortcut keys offer significant benefits to Excel users. Here are the shortcut keys that launch Excel dialogs.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Knowing Excel shortcuts will be more important in the future than in the past. And it's all because of the changes brought by Excel 2007 and after.

Charley Kyd can personally help you to apply the Excel methods in this article to your own organization.

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Because different companies and departments will upgrade Excel at different times, you'll probably need to use both versions equally well for a long time. Some companies still use Excel 97, after all.

You can simplify this transition by using keystrokes that work the same in both versions of Excel. Excel shortcut keys offer this benefit. In fact, with very few exceptions, all versions of Excel use the same shortcut key combinations.

Excel 2007 also recognizes the first few keystrokes of old-Excel's ALT key commands. So if you know, for example, that ALT+EIS launches the Series dialog, you can continue to use this command in Excel 2007.

Below, we present all shortcut key combinations we know of that launch Excel dialog boxes. If you know of any other shortcuts that launch dialogs, please contact Charley Kyd with this information.

Notice in these tables that you can use two different key combinations to launch most File and Edit dialog boxes. The reason for these duplicates seems to have been lost over the years, but it might have something to do with compatibility with Excel for Apple computers. Whatever the reason, the duplicates allow you to choose a command that you can remember most easily.

In the future, we'll add other tables with shortcuts for other features in all versions of Excel.

File Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Dialog Title
Ctrl+F12 File, Open Open
Ctrl+O File, Open Open
Ctrl+P File, Print Print
Ctrl+Shift+F12 File, Print Print
F12 File, Save As Save As
Alt+F2 File, Save As Save As
Ctrl+S File, Save Save (or Save As)

Edit Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Title
Ctrl+- (minus) Edit, Delete Delete
Ctrl+F Edit, Find Find
Shift+F5 Edit, Find Find
F5 Edit, Go to Go To
Ctrl+G Edit, Go to Go To
Ctrl+H Edit, Replace Replace

Insert Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Title
Ctrl++ (Shift = sign) Insert, Cells Insert
Shift+F3 Insert, Function Insert Function
Ctrl+K Insert, Hyperlink Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Insert, Name, Create Create Names
Ctrl+Alt+F3 (none) New Name
Ctrl+F3 Insert, Name, Define xl2003: Define Name
xl2007: Name Manager
F3 Insert, Name, Paste Paste Name

Format Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Title
Ctrl+1 Format, Cells Format Cells
Alt+' (apostrophe) Format, Style Style

Tools Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Title
Alt+F8 Tools, Macro Macro

Data Menu Dialogs

Shortcut xl2003 Command Title
Ctrl+L Data, List, Create List Create List


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