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Ideas about Business Strategies, Tools, and Techniques with Excel

Here, we explore ideas about ways that Excel can improve business strategies, planning, management, information, performance...and even business cartoons!

Excel Strategies

How to Work Without Limits in Excel

An article in The Wall Street Journal says that companies are moving away from Excel because of its inability to work well with data.

This isn't a new problem. It was solved more than twenty years ago.

Excel Productivity

The Excel-Friendly Database Strategy

For decades, Excel has been criticized for many problems: It takes too much work. It makes errors easy to generate. Different reports of the same data give different results. And so on.

Hereís the strategy that will allow your company to solve most of those productivity problems with Excel reporting and analysis.

Excel's Strategies

You REALLY Donít Know What Excel Can Do!

Cutting-edge companies that understand Excel's real power have turned Excel and its users into a strategic resource.

Would you like to use Excel for data mining? Real-time planning and consolidation? Collaboration? Analysis of data from any available sources? Many companies do exactly that every single day.

Excel's QAT

How to Find and Use Excelís Hidden Features

Excel includes many outstanding hidden features. For example, in Excel 2013 and above, you easily can keep Excel open even when all workbooks are closed. You can close all workbooks with one command. And a lot more.

Here's how to find and use Excel's hidden features easily.

Something Different

Use Excel's Drawing Tools to Create Your Own Cartoons

Excel cartoon

We can't push around numbers all the time with Excel. Sometimes, we just need to goof off. Here are ten cartoons I drew using only Excel.

Management Ideas

Control Your Cost Lag Loop To Help Survive the Recession

 Whatever your company's condition, it's a good idea to take stock of your business to figure out what you can do now to make your company healthy even if business gets worse.

You'll survive the downturn more easily if you master the cost-lag loop.

Finding Errors & Fraud

Use Benford's Law & Charts in Excel to Improve Business Planning

Benford's Law reveals an amazing characteristic of data. Not only does it help to identify fraud, it could help you to improve budgets and forecasts.

Reporting Strategies

Do Your Excel Reports Document Performance? Or Communicate It?

Too many Excel reports document performance rather than reporting it. Thereís a huge difference between the two techniques. It helps if you know the difference.

Financial Ratios

How Fast Is Too Fast?

Is your company growing faster than it can afford? Are you continually scrambling to increase your debt-to-equity ratio? Sell stock? Liquidate assets? Or take more drastic measures to finance your growth? Business life doesn't have to be like that. The Sustainable Growth Rate can help you manage your company's financial ability to grow.

Financial Management

Weighing Your Debt Load

Is your company making or losing money on the cash you borrow? These ratios can help to answer that question.

Business Strategy

Excel Can Implement Peter Drucker's Parting Advice to CEOs, Here's How

Peter Drucker made a career of telling CEOs what to do. One of his last essays gave your CEO an assignment that only Excel users can complete.

Business Intelligence With Excel

Excel Is Great for Business Intelligence!

Excel can be the key component of a powerful and inexpensive Business Intelligence (BI) system.

Excel Data Sources

What Do Users Need from Excel-Friendly Data Sources?

We Excel users can provide better reports, analyses, budgets, and forecasts -- in less time and with less expense -- when we use Excel-friendly data sources. What should those sources be like?

Excel Data Sources

Excel-Friendly OLAP Products

Several software products combine with Excel to create a powerful Business Intelligence system. All of them work for medium and large companies, and one also works for small companies.

Management Techniques

An Introduction and Farewell to Bain's Management Tools

Bain's list of tools, developed through their annual survey, offers many techniques used to make a business more successful. Many of these can be implemented in Excel.

Excel Data Strategies

What the Heck Is an Excel-Friendly OLAP Database?

Excel-friendly OLAP databases give Excel users significant analytical power and flexibility...while reducing the work load.

Business Planning Strategies

Is Excel Planning a Mistake?

Excel's critics say that Excel is unsuited for budgeting, forecasting, and other activities that involve collaboration or consolidation. But they ignore one key word.

Analytical Strategies

Use Business Tools With Excel to Save Time and Money

Business tools can improve business performance. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to support these tools, you often can use Excel instead.

Excel Data Sources

Spreadsheet Hell? The Partnership of OLAP and Excel Brings a Cure

Late nights? Broken formulas? Manual data entry? Broken macros? Embarrassing errors? Monster spreadsheets? Last-minute panics? Welcome to Spreadsheet Hell!


Does This Reporting Strategy Make Sense to You?

Help-wanted ads like the one discussed here reveal a clear corporate strategy about business reporting. It's an information strategy that few companies can afford these days.

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