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Create Excel Dashboard Reports that DELIGHT Your Managers and SLASH Your Errors and Reporting Times

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Kyd War RoomIf you’re ready to take your Excel reports and your career to a higher level, and do it QUICKLY, then it’s time to give your managers and other Very Important People professional-quality Excel dashboard reports.

Whether you’re early in your career and looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, or a long-time Excel user who wants to give your VIPs much greater insight with much less Excel busy-work…

…then you'll want to know about my Kyd War Room templates for Excel dashboard reporting.

Here’s How Kyd War Room Works

An Excel dashboard report
The lines show Actual performance and the areas show Targets. This example shows one of two color themes include with Kyd War Room.

Kyd War Room is a formula-based Excel reporting system. It consists of two data workbooks and a bundle of 50 report workbooks, each with a different layout.

One data workbook contains Target data and the other contains Actual data. You copy and paste your Target data, if you have it, and your Actual data to these two workbooks. 

You use the report workbooks as templates for your dashboard reports. They all contain charts, and many contain tables. These charts and tables are updated by formulas linked to your data workbooks.

Each period, you update your Actual data workbook with new data. If you have targets, you update them as needed.

To update a report workbook, you update its report-date cell. If you’ve set Excel to the Automatic calculation mode, your report will update automatically after you change the report date. Otherwise, you press F9 to recalculate your workbook.

To change the data that any chart or table displays, you just change one or several of its lookup like a product code or a General Ledger account code.

To distribute your reports, you print them or save them as a PDF file. You also can move the data worksheets into your report workbook and distribute the workbook itself.

Kyd War Room includes a 30-page manual with two pages of quick-start information. So whether you need a lot of help, or not much at all, I’ve got you covered.

Over my 30+ years of spreadsheet experience, I know that SUCCESSFUL spreadsheet users don’t rely merely on long hours of hard work. Instead, we rely on Excel reporting and analytical systems to SLASH reporting times, SLASH errors, and create reports and analyses that DELIGHT managers and other VIPs…

…and that’s what Kyd War Room gives you.

How I Created Kyd War Room

Years ago, after I started to write about Excel dashboards, I started to receive messages from readers that said, “I need a dashboard report by TOMORROW!”

And that’s why I introduced my Excel dashboard templates.

With Kyd War Room, you simply copy and paste your data to its data workbooks, choose a report workbook, save it as a new report, enter a lookup code for each figure in the report, and then recalculate your workbook.

At last count, Excel users in 106 countries have purchased my dashboard templates. And I’ve received enthusiastic endorsements from CEOs, university professors, financial managers, army sergeants, business owners, grant coordinators, and many other Excel users in many other professions.

Why Readers Are So Enthusiastic about My Dashboard Templates

An Excel User's Endorsement

Your files have been an amazing help. Here are emails from my CFO (MIT undergrad; Harvard MBA) and from my boss:

--“Your charts are really a master stroke. Some of the most illuminating we have produced at AMC on any subject. Exemplary. Thanks."

--“My only comment is: This is excellent!

Their emails are a proof that your product has helped me immensely.

Rondi Stearns, Occupancy Director, Appalachian Mountain Club

Another Excel User's Endorsement

You're my hero. I'm an independent consultant, and this should WOW a lot of clients.

These templates allow the report to look incredibly slick, but without slow manual processing. For a consultant, it’s important to be able to crank out reports that look very professional, jam-packed with as much insight as you can.

A dashboard like this is an eye-catcher. Quick turnaround is not usually compatible with detailed insights. But with your reports, the report can be run as fast as you can update the data.

I might have come up with something similar, but only with a lot more work and probably not nearly so professional looking. It will reflect VERY favorably on my consultancy.

This is a very cheerful endorsement.

Mark Johnson, The Vector Group

Excel users around the world have used my templates enthusiastically for at least five reasons…

First, the templates offer users a wide variety of report layouts. With Kyd War Room, you can…

  • Display as few as four charts on a page, and as many as 28 charts.
  • Choose from portrait and landscape designs.
  • Include or exclude tables in your report.
  • Include reports with many same-size charts on a page, or with a mix of sizes.

Second, their Excel dashboards save time and reduce errors.

Users finally can combine their professional training with Excel to uncover ways to improve performance…without getting bogged down in Excel busy-work.

My dashboards reduce spreadsheet busy-work because Excel reporting becomes a defined process, so users don't need to "hand-carve" each report each period.

This reporting process slashes the time that reporting takes. And because it virtually eliminates the opportunity to add new errors to a report each period, it also slashes the errors the reports contain.

So Excel dashboard reporting takes much less time and energy than ever before, and is a lot more accurate.

Third, their Excel dashboards give VIPS much quicker insight.

This is because Excel dashboards are much faster and easier for their VIPs to understand than standard reports, or even typical BI displays. At a glance, VIPs can see surprising trends, measures that need more research, and results that confirm their earlier predictions.

So my readers’ dashboards DELIGHT the managers, clients, and other Very Important People who receive them.

Fourth, their Excel dashboards give them reasons to collaborate with their VIPs, which helps their career.

The collaboration begins because the data displayed in dashboard reports is easy to change. So Excel users don’t need to worry about what information a VIP wants to see in a new dashboard report.

Instead, new users of my templates take their best guess at what their VIP wants to see, and then they asked, “What kind of information would you prefer to see in a dashboard report like this?” And then they ask, “Why is that important to you?”

By learning from their VIPs, my dashboard users deliver professional-quality dashboards that respond directly to their VIPs’ information needs. They become much closer to their VIPs. And they become MUCH more valuable employees and consultants.

An Excel dashboard report
If you have a lot of measures to display, this Kyd War Room landscape report allows your readers to review 28 trends quickly. This example shows the other color theme that comes with Kyd War Room.
Fifth, their Excel dashboards enhance their resumes.

My readers often create a version of their company-private dashboards with disguised data, and include a copy with their resume. Doing so has helped my readers demonstrate four qualities that most employers are looking for...

  1. Excel dashboards demonstrate Excel skills that few other applicants have learned.
  2. By talking about the SUBSTANCE of their sample dashboard report, applicants can demonstrate professional knowledge in a uniquely powerful way.
  3. By combining Excel dashboard skills with their professional knowledge, applicants demonstrate that they can provide immediate value when they’re hired.
  4. By protecting the company-private data of previous employers, new employers feel more comfortable that you'll protect their own company-private data.

These benefits aren't only for Excel users just starting their career. Several managers have told me that their bosses think that the managers created these dashboard templates themselves.

Special Bonus Offers

I've decided to add these two reports as bonuses. But I could end these bonuses at any time.

Both these reports get their data from the data workbooks to which the 50 Kyd War Room reports are linked. You can use these report workbooks as templates, or adapt their designs to your own dashboards.

Bonus 1--This report was designed as a Finance report, with an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and key trends.   Bonus 2--Edward Tufte, the well-known data-visualization expert, suggested that I remove all-possible formatting from my reports. This was my response.

How to Get Your Copy of Kyd War Room and the Special Bonuses

I normally offer Kyd War Room for $119. But with this sale, the price is $89, which is only $1.78 per report workbook. I'm also offering Bonus 1 and Bonus 2.

You'd be wise to grab this package quickly. Yes, you'll save some money and get two great bonus dashboards. But more important, you'll save many, MANY hours of Excel busy-work, and you’ll be able to respond to your VIPs’ information requests quickly…which can only help your career.

I offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE, which is the longest guarantee I know of on the Web. The risk is all mine.

You can begin today to take your company’s Excel reports and your own career to the next level. Just click the button below to get started.

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Available for Excel 2007 and above, for both Windows and Mac Excel.


Instant download of zipped Excel and PDF files. If you ever need another download, you can get it at any time.


One full year, unconditional.


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Two copies: One for work plus one for home.

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Here's What You Get:

50 Report Templates with charts and tables of varying designs.

2 Data Workbooks from which all templates can report. They use monthly data, but the documentation explains how to set up any time periods you want.

2 Custom Color Themes, which allow you to change report colors instantly.

Documentation that explains how to update and modify your dashboards to meet your needs. 

Bonus 1 and Bonus2, which I could discontinue at any time.

Only $119.00 $89.00

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